Chapter 1
Time requirement of chapter: 15 minutes



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The Matrix Driver Improvement Internet Program is a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles approved 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Program. Some segments of the program are timed exercises; however, the reading portions have no time limit. This online course has been developed and is managed by LLC and the Florida Safety Council.

A participant cannot complete the program in less than four (4) hours no matter how fast they may read. You may take the program over many different sittings/days/weeks, yet the timing element is programmed into the course as part of the program.

Before leaving the computer to answer the telephone, use the restroom, or talk to anyone, make sure to close the segment you are currently in by clicking on the Save Time and Close Module Button. The time clock should not be running whenever you leave your computer.



stop watch This program has a timing system that records the actual amount of time that you have spent inside of each segment. You can close the segment that you are reading at any time by clicking on the Save Time and Close Module button and the system will store the actual time you have spent thus far. When you open the segment again, your timer will return to where you left off on that particular segment.


In order to ensure the registered participant is the individual completing the program the security questions you answered when you registered will be utilized.

Remember, while the timer is running you are not allowed to use any other programs on the computer or to step away from the computer for any reason. Security questions will randomly appear on the computer screen while a segment is open and failure to correctly answer a security question within 30 seconds will disqualify you. This will stop the program timer, disconnect you from the program, and prevent you from logging back into the system. In the event that you have either answered a security question incorrectly or failed to answer a security question in the allowed time, you will need to contact 1-888-237-5669.



If you do, the system might disqualify you. Also any amount of study time from pages that have been accessed with the use of the back button will not be reported to the central system and will not count toward your required time in a module or the program as a whole. Remember that when you are completing this program you need to be connected to our online system. If you use the back button, you are only viewing a local copy of the last pages, but there is no connection to the system to inform us of the time spent on these pages.

no back

You cannot bookmark any pages of the site. For security purposes the system requires you to login with your user name and password every time you start your time of study. This means that any studying based on bookmarks will not count into your required timing, as you have not been identified in the system.


final test

The final test consists of 40 questions with no maximum time requirement. The program participant must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to pass the final test. The program allows up to a maximum of 3 failures on the final exam.

If you fail the final exam more than 3 times you will be permanently disqualified and will need to start the registration process again. During the final test, participants may close the test window and open any program segment for review. You must have read and completed all segments of the program before attempting to take the final test.


When you successfully complete the program, the Matrix System will automatically record your completion of the program with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The system will also generate a certificate which you can print out and save or if you were court ordered, it will be your responsibility to ensure your completion certificate is delivered to the appropriate court.

The copy of your certificate will be available online. Please note - the completion reporting process might take a few hours, depending on various factors including communication with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles system..
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In order to use the Matrix Driver Improvement Internet Program, a participant’s computer system must meet the following requirements, in addition to having Internet access (Standard DSL or higher):

A PC or Mac Running:

• Windows XP, Windows 7 or higher
• MacOS
• Linux 4.0 or newer

An Internet Browser:

• Firefox
• Opera
• Safari
• IE7, IE11 or higher
• Google Chrome
• Edge

The participant’s browser MUST support and have JavaScript, Cookies, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled. This is the default configuration of most browsers, so unless you have specifically changed the settings your course is expected to work properly.


Please make sure that you have audio speakers or headphones connected to the computer so that you may properly view and listen to the content.

If needed, closed-captioning is available on the program videos as well as a complete written transcript of the content. To activate the closed-captioning, select the option "CC" during the video playback. To read the video content, simply click on the option located below the corresponding video.


The Driver and Traffic Matrix Course is a seven lesson audio visual instructional program designed to develop and improve the driver's recognition and control skills. Timed visuals photographed from the driver's point of view are used to exercise and stimulate the driver's vehicle operational capabilities. Special emphasis is placed on the effect of alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and illness on the driver's ability to collect and process driver and traffic information.

Course content was developed from driving task analysis data generated in research studies sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation. Driving task analysis research conducted by Humrro and the University of Michigan confirmed the importance of a driver's mental and physical skills in the control of the motor vehicle and the reduction of highway traffic crashes. Motor vehicle crash analysis studies, sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, showed that mental driving errors are a contributing cause in approximately 80% of the motor vehicle crashes.

Field tests of the Matrix course, and other perceptual training approaches, have shown that the risk recognition and control skills of an experienced driver can be significantly improved through exercise oriented perceptual training. In addition to the interactive video exercises, additional content information is provided to enhance the learning experience of the participant.

course overview



Chapter 1: Introduction 13 minutes
Chapter 2: Traffic Crash Problem 5 minutes
Chapter 3: Driver Knowledge 45 minutes
Break 15 minutes
Chapter 4: Vehicle Control 35 minutes
Chapter 5: Perceptual Skills 55 minutes
Break 15 minutes
Chapter 6: Risk Control 30 minutes
Chapter 7: Driving Environment 20 minutes
Concepts Review 7 minutes
Final Test No Time Limit


You have reached the end of this chapter.

Once the timer below reaches zero the button on the bottom right hand side of the screen will be activated allowing you to continue with the course.