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Program Details
This Point Reduction Course is known by many names: BDI-4 / 4 hour BDI / BDI course / BDI school / Florida 4 hour course / or 4 hour Florida traffic ticket course.

With a Court authorization/affidavit and the completion of this course, you should be able to satisfy your Florida traffic ticket obligation to the Court the easy way. You can log in and out of the 4 hour traffic school course as many times as you like. You can even take 4 hour traffic school while relaxing by the swimming pool if your computer is water resistant!

This 4 hour course is normally ordered by the courts as part of your choice to have points reduced in Florida for the individual who has received a traffic citation.

If you are not sure whether this is the course you need, please review the paperwork you received from the Court or contact the Clerk of Court where the citation was issued for assistance.

If you received a letter from the DHSMV indicating you must take a 4 hour Traffic Crash Avoidance, or TCAC for short, this class complies with the requirement.

Course Insights
Our course is divided into chapters which you can take at your convenience. At the end of each chapter, there are simple review questions you may use to enhance your knowledge.

Simply register now and you will find a course which is:

  • Completed at your own convenience and at your own pace
  • Simple to use - no computer experience needed
  • Unlimited number of log-ins and log-outs
  • Free to print your electronic completion certificate
  • Free to speak with a live customer service representative for assistance
  • Free to sign in for re-takes if you do not pass the final exam the first time

FloridaSafety.org offers one of the premier driver education programs available in the industry. Our goal with this course is to provide a high quality 4 Hour driver improvement course, which meets the requirements of the State of Florida and the Courts. The course offers information on driving techniques, behaviors and attitudes to individuals who have either been court-ordered; elect to take the course for a reduction in points; or voluntarily take the course to improve their defensive driving knowledge. It is a great traffic law refresher and a review of driving attitudes and behaviours.